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3 Bundle Deals (Brazilian Bodywave)

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Introducing "Blessed Bundles", our line of luxury human hair extensions. 

Our hair is sourced from around the world to ensure we consistently provide our customers with the BEST and 100% VIRGIN human hair bundles. 

Our Brazilian Bodywave is soft, full, and has a shiny luster to it. Gorgeous in it's natural state but also straightens very well! Our Brazilian Bodywave takes heat & color well. Hair can be reused and lasts 1 year minimum when taken care of properly, can last longer!

Each bundle is approximately 3.5- 4 oz.  We recommend a minimum of 8-9 ounces for lengths between 10-16 inches, and 12-15 ounces for lengths between 18-24 inches. For lengths greater than 24 inches, we suggest 18-21 ounces or more. In order to achieve fullness, typically more bundles are required for longer lengths. However it also depends on customers preference. 

*We suggest only co-washing hair (washing with conditioner), as opposed to shampoo, to keep moisture sealed in and increase the life of the hair.

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